How To Get a Free PlayStation 3 (PS3)

Free PlayStation 3 (Free PS3)... How is this possible?

You can get a Free PlayStation 3, and it has never been easier! Trainn (Transcendent Innovations) is a trusted company, providing freebies to thousands across North America.

Q. How can this be true... a Free PlayStation 3?
A. When you sign up for the site, you complete an offer (trial or purchase of a product or service). This "offer" pays the site for your sign up. You then refer a few friends to do the same thing, and soon enough, the offers have raised enough money for the site, enabling them to send you your Free PlayStation 3! Many people have already received their Free PlayStation 3's, such as those to the right, and so can you!

GREAT! Let's Get Started!

Sign up for the freebie website. There are many out there, but Trainn is by far, the best.

US and Canadian Users:
International Users: Site Coming Soon

Be sure to use 100% CORRECT information, it is safe and will not be released or resold to anyone. This is absolutely necessary, as it must match the information used to complete an offer later on.

When you reach a step asking whether you would like to create a "Points Account" or a "Referral Account," the decision is really up to you. Referral accounts require you to complete one offer and then refer a set number of friends to do the same. Point accounts require you to complete many offers, each with their own point values, until you reach a set number of points. While I use, prefer, and highly recommend a Referral Account type, they are both legit approaches to receiving your Free PlayStation 3. This guide is oriented towards the "Referral Account" type.

Tips and Rules
  • Do NOT use fake information.
  • Do NOT create more than one account.
  • Do NOT refer people who have the same household address or I.P. address as you.
  • Do NOT use fake information on the offer, it must match the information on the site.
  • Do NOT cancel offers immediately, choose the ones that interest you, and use them to their fullest.

Complete a FREE trial offer.

This is the step that turns most people away. DON'T be frightened by it, you are simply signing up for a FREE TRIAL offer. This is necessary in order for the site to be able to afford the Free PlayStation 3's that they send out. Basically, it's FREE for you, and pays for your Free PlayStation 3 at the same time.

You are only required to complete one offer. I highly recommend one of the following INSTANT offers, while I also encourages you to try the ones that interest you. While they may not be completely free (a few dollars) you are still ending up with a Free PlayStation 3.

Level A Offers
  • Only required to complete one.
  • Includes many free trials.
  • Has many instant offers.
    • These credit instantly, so you can be on your way to a Free PlayStation 3 faster!

Level B Offers
  • Each offer is worth a certain point value.
  • You must complete enough Level B Offers to obtain 50 points, the requirement.
  • Has many instant offers.
    • These credit instantly, so you can be on your way to a Free PlayStation 3 faster!
Featured Offers
  • Google SEO Supervisor trial offer. (FULL Credit for Free PS3)
  • Increase My Margin trial offer. (FULL Credit for Free PS3)
  • QuickBooks Quick Start trial offer. (FULL Credit for Free PS3)
  • Yahoo Success Center trial offer. (FULL Credit for Free PS3)
  • eAuction Tutor trial offer. (FULL Credit for Free PS3)
  • Zooba book club offer. (FULL Credit for Free PS3)
  • trial offer. (FULL Credit for Free PS3)
  • Much, much, more! Sign up for the offer(s) that you are interested in.
NEVER cancel an offer immediately, try to use it to its fullest.

Refer some friends to do the same.

This step is extremely easy, as long as you do it right. After you have completed your offer, try to spread around the referral link that can be found on the "Progress" page.

Here are some of the ways that you can finish this step.

  • Email the link to friends and family.
  • Place the link on a blog similar to this (not using my content please).
  • Ask friends and family if they are interested in signing up, possibly by adding incentives for them.
  • DO NOT "Spam," or spread your link by posting it uncontrollably on forums, video sites, etc...
After you have completed this step, and referred the required number of users, your Free PlayStation 3 will be on its way, with Free Shipping! Enjoy your freebies!